About Dayle and his Motorsport.

So you’d like to know a bit about me, Well I’m a 35-year-old petrol head from Wigan, England. My Grandparents brought up around Motorsport and I spent many a weekend from a very young age stood in the likes of Grizedale and Kielder Forest. From as young as two years old I've been a spectator at rallies and what makes me somewhat different from others is I was born with Visual Impairments Nystagmus, Ocular Albinism and let's also throw being short sighted into the mix. Having these conditions has always meant as much as I enjoy my Motorsport and Rallying I would never legally be able to drive a car. I decided at age 17 to start rally co-driving. Back in 2005 I applied and received my Rally co-driving licence and have since competed in over  100 events from single venues to multi-venue rallies and even featured on Sky Sports. I often get asked how do you do it? Well, I just get the maps/pace notes awfully close and what makes a good navigator is someone who can feel what the car is doing without actually looking up to see where you are.

Raising awareness of Nystagmus through Rallying

I'm currently trying to increase awareness of Nystagmus Eye condition; I know plenty of sufferers are told or feel they can't achieve certain things in life. I hate being told that I can't or won't be able to achieve certain things and one way or another I try and be an inspiration to other sufferers and prove people wrong. Please, could you help raise awareness of Nystagmus by sharing this page and if possible donate to my Nystagmus Motorsport Page on Just Giving. JustGiving - Sponsor me now!

Sitting in the drivers seat.

I'd planning on taking a reverse roll from being in the co-drivers seat and in my aid to raise awareness of Nystagmus eye condition I will be sitting in the driver's seat of a rally car and driving around a circuit. I've already been offered the use of a very nice Mk2 Escort and now I'm currently looking for a suitable venue where I could drive.

Past Motorsport Achievements for Dayle.

  • In 2005 we won the 205 Winter Challenge.
  • In 2006 I competed on the Tunnocks tour of mull finishing 53rd overall, this was a great achievement for me as my eyesight conditions mean I get tired easily and the rally runs three days through the nights too.
  • In 2007 I won the BTRDA Inspirational Rallyman of the year and also 1st 1400 Navigator.
  • In 2007 we had our first major incident where we rolled 30 foot down a ditch on the Bulldog Rally.
  • In 2008 We also had our biggest accident to date which involved an end over end roll and 3 barrel rolls.
  • 2013 Won the Heart of England first Front Wheel Car, 3rd overall Co-driver, Ist In 1400cc class and the championships media award.
  • 2014 Won the Heart of England class A 1400cc award, first front wheel drive car and finished 2nd o/a co-driver in the championship.

Can you help us?

We're currently on the lookout for any types of sponsorship or donations to help keep us rallying and raising awareness so please contact me HERE if you feel you can help. (Competition tyres are extremely expensive!) Cheers Dayle.