Email Marketing - Mail Chimp Expert

Email Marketing - Mail Chimp Expert

MailChimp is one of the best tools available for designing and sending eye-catching emails, managing your subscriber lists, and tracking campaign performance. As a certified MailChimp Expert based in Wigan, NW Design offers custom solutions to address your small business requirements.


Getting Started — Get your account up and running quickly so you can build your list.
Email Strategy — Ensure your campaigns effectively reach your targeted audience.
Template Design — Create mobile-friendly, branded, reusable email templates.
Integrations — Integrate your list with your website and sync data with other apps.
List Verification — Protect your sending reputation and avoid being blocked.
One-on-one Training — Learn how to use MailChimp.
End-to-end Service — We can handle all the details of your email marketing campaigns.


Do you need help with Omnivore, list migration, custom forms, inbox inspections, list segmentation, reporting, RSS-to-email campaigns, merge tags, video, A/B testing, or automated workflows? Contact NW Design for any of your MailChimp needs.