Pay Per Click Marketing

Pay Per Click Marketing

As Wigan based Google Adwords Partners and Qualified individuals we are laser-focused on maximising the return you get for every pound of ad spend on Google AdWords.

Maximum return for your advertising spend

As Wigan based Google Adwords PPC experts we are laser-focused on maximising the return you get for every pound of ad spend on Google AdWords, Facebook and other PPC platforms. Metrics like reach and traffic can be important, but ultimately, paid search must justify itself through concrete leads, sales and measurable growth for your business. With our PPC management, you will see that ROI.

Campaign setup

A well optimised PPC account and campaign structure will facilitate scalability. We design optimal campaign structures to accommodate budget flexibility and ROI segmentation, which may include:

  • Separating Search & Display network campaigns
  • Geo-targeted campaigns
  • Brand campaigns segmenting branded keywords
  • Funnel-based keyword division to isolate information-seeking keywords from lower-funnel, higher-converting keywords
  • Retargeting-focused campaigns

Google Adwords audit

Are you already using Google Adwords for your Wigan based business? Do you want to achieve better results? If the answer is yes then you should take advantage of our Google Adwords audit. Our goal will be to review the current state of your account and gather actionable information which will help you improve your Google Adwords ROI.
As Wigan based PPC expert we will review your account and analyse the following:

  • Campaign structure, settings and segmentation
  • Focus of the ad groups and keywords
  • Problems with Quality Score
  • Ad copy effectiveness
  • Quality of landing pages and banners

At the end of the audit, we’ll provide you with recommended actions we want to take to optimise and develop your account, plus an overview of how we will maximise your return on ad spend.

Keyword build-out

Your customers express their needs and intent on search engines using search queries. We research and create intelligent and comprehensive keyword lists and steadily mesh those keywords to match the exact search queries that people who convert use. This work is ongoing, and entails:

  • Initial keyword research and testing
  • Keyword expansion through matched-query management
  • Clustering newly-discovered profitable keywords into new ad groups

Ongoing account management & optimisation

ROI maximisation requires daily optimisation. Here are some of our regular tasks and checks within your account:

  • Allocate budgets across campaigns with goal of maximising overall ROI
  • Daily CPC bid optimisation (if not using conversion optimiser)
  • Split-testing ad copy, rotating out poor performers
  • Analysis of matched search queries from broad-matched keywords
  • Managed placement campaigns in Display network
  • Landing page optimisation
  • Active management of ad extensions


Retargeting allows you to display ads to people who have recently visited your website as they later browse through Google’s Display Network (GDN). It’s proven to be highly effective in enticing recent visitors to come back to your website, where they should move closer to the point of conversion.
We will set up and run these campaigns to take full advantage of retargeting capabilities.

Landing page design and development

Effective landing pages that stand apart from your main website have proven to improve quality scores and increase conversion rates from visitors. A high-quality score also reduces you ads cost per click meaning more impressions and clicks for your monthly spend.
We employ all the best practices of landing page optimisation. And we are fully capable of designing and developing landing pages for your campaigns.

Help my Wigan business create more leads online

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