Search Engine Optimisation

Search Engine Optimisation

At NW Design, we offer a realistic, honest approach to Organic SEO which works.

Ok, so you've got a website so no doubt you'll have heard of SEO (search engine optimisation) and the horror stories associated including Google’s algorithms.

Here at NW Design, we feel we offer a realistic, honest approach to SEO which works. Many "here today gone tomorrow" SEO companies often demand money up front and in many cases run away with your hard earned cash leaving you out of pocket.

"The BIG Promise"

Now we won’t promise to get your website to number one position in Google, it's simply a promise that can't be guaranteed. Any company that promises you this should be avoided and you should just walk away and keep your money. We don’t sell ourselves to be the best in the world, but we've had some good SEO results with local companies. By using our very basic on-site SEO techniques, we've seen customers sit in the top 1/3 of the first page.

We're totally honest when it comes to SEO and tell our customers that SEO isn't difficult, but to do it correctly it is time-consuming. Setting time aside you could teach yourself how to do it, but many of our clients simply just don't have the time. We know large companies are currently charging £500+ a month, often using complicated Jargon to scare you into paying out large sums of money. Sadly many of these companies often to do nothing at all while some even send your work to India for a fraction of what you pay.

Be warned of SEO scams.

We recently had a client approach us who had spent £1000’s with a well-known SEO company in Manchester. This large SEO company bamboozled them into paying large sums of money and tied them into a 6 monthly contract. At the end of the 6-month contract and the promises of a top spot in Google failed to suffice, the company cancelled the contract. A number of weeks went by and they received a phone call from an SEO specialist in India. Apparently they had been completing the SEO work on their website for the past 6 months for a grand total of £60 per month. The large SEO Company in Manchester had been pocketing £440 per month and subcontracting the work to a company in India. Please be warned there are some rather large SEO companies around at the moment taking your money and most possibly going on a nice holiday to the Maldives!

A few SEO techniques we use.

  • Tidy up of website code.
  • Add keywords to ALT tag images on websites.
  • Tailor page title and permalinks to suit keywords.
  • Use of heading tags <h1> <h2> within pages to contain key words.
  • Create XML Sitemap
  • Create and embed Google Analytic Code
  • Link building using quality links (PR)
  • Optimise Website

Website Link Building

Ok gone are the days of every link counts, and many people have recently been back peddling removing links from sites due to Google's latest algorithm updates. Is link building still important you ask? Well, we think it is, although the rules have changed slightly and your site should be submitted to sites relevant to your niche market. We believe directories such as FreeIndex and local directories are still important too and you should list your business on these.

We will hand pick and hand submit your business to niche market websites, we'll choose  the most relevant directories from our extensive list of submission directories and submit to the very best. NW Design is proud to say that ALL our SEO work is completed in-house here in the UK. We don’t believe in outsourcing our work to external companies in India.

After seeing the fantastic results this service offers, we're confident you'll be very interested in our SEO services.

For more details on our SEO Services and Local SEO for Wigan for businesses in and around Wigan please give us a call on 0161 327 2131 and let us get started on helping you build your online presence right now.

Some of our SEO Clients

Freeway Autos - Freeway Autos are a car repair garage in Wigan.
Wigan Business Directory - Directory to promote Wigan based business.
Modernise Your Stairs - Offering Staircase Renovations across the North West.
Tuning Developments - GT86 Tuning