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Print Proofs and Why we use them.
Feb 2015 27
A general term for a variety of options for seeing what your file will look like when printed is a called a  proof. Think of it as evidence (proof) that what you put into your digital file will all come out on the printed page exactly as you intend: the right fonts, graphics, colours, margins, and overall positioning.We've recently started working with a couple of new client's that have had Graphic Design work produced by other creative agencies which to be fair have been sub standard for the Read more [...]

Josephs Goal, Charity Ball Ticket & Leaflet Design
Feb 2015 26
At NW Design the family motto goes, and it's a very nice motto too... It's nice to be nice. The saying has always been around our family and it's true. When we were approached through a client of ours to help create some tickets and leaflets to help out another local Wigan based charity, how could we say no? The charity leaflets and Tickets designs we donated are for an upcoming charity ball being held at the DW Stadium.Josephs Goal was set up to help Joseph Kendrick a five year old who has NKH, Read more [...]

How to setup IMAP iPhone email for cPanel accounts
Feb 2015 23
How do I set my cPanel emails up on my Iphone or Ipad, We get asked this quite often by clients so we thought we'd write a useful article to help you guys get set up. Setting up your iPad or iPhone email with a cPanel based hosting account is a manual process and can be daunting for the non tech savvy, but fortunately it’s fairly easy – although it does require a degree of concentration and patience.Apple have improved the ability to setup Iphone mail with many popular third party services Read more [...]

Why Design Quality Matters
Feb 2015 04
Firstly- We all had to start somewhere, not everyone has an infinite amount of money in the bank and most of the time it’s where do we draw the line between budget and premium quality. Most people we meet have had those cheap business cards that look and feel like they've been printed on the back of a cereal packet, in simple terms they’re downright horrid. What’s worse is when they say printed for free on the back. That to me is a right turn off and straight away it doesn't say much about Read more [...]

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