Website Hosting Wigan

Our premium cloud web hosting service is an all-inclusive hosting package that gives a business everything it needs to host their main website and email. We offer a fully managed service on our own UK based dedicated cloud servers. This means that which means our expert technical support staff are here to help with any issues that might arise, and that we are keeping an eye on your website 24 hours a day.

After 12 months of research, we partnered with a leading cloud computing storage company based in London. Our cloud servers use the latest technology and are market leaders, our servers feature SSD storage to provide outstanding speed, this is also beneficial for SEO. Our unique cloud hosting is comprised of three layers that offer their own benefits.

  • A network layer consisting of multiple switches ensures there is no single point of failure.
  • An extra layer of switches that connect the host machines to the separate SSD storage layer.
  • A separate storage layer protects data and ensures server content is safe and always up-to-date.

We use the most up to date 64 bit fully dedicated cloud servers running either PHP7 for our very bespoke website builds or CentOS Lamp7/WHM for traditional builds running PHP5.6.18
Server Specifications:

Web Server Specifications:
• 10 CPU Cores per Processor.
• 4x Intel(R) Xeon(R) Processors – E5-2690 v2 – 25meg Cache
• 3GHZ Clock Speed
• 8Gb Ram
• SSD Disks
• Unmetered 10Mbs Connection
• Port Monitoring
• ConfigServer Security & Firewall

Our servers are housed in a market leader, London based data centre which is fully equipped with the latest hardware, fastest connectivity and full port monitoring and instant backup restores.

We manage and maintain our own servers in house, we install all operating systems, security patches and upgrades and we manually install all our client’s website to optimise them for the very best performance.

Only sites we build or vet are hosted on our servers.

The benefits of dedicated hosting means our servers are fast, secure and always up to date with the latest software and security patches.
Due to this we offer a 100% uptime guarantee.

Sure, you can purchase budget hosting but you get what you pay for.

Reliability, dependability, raw power and support comes with a price. By using cheap hosting it can have a very negative effect on your business. Our dedicated cloud hosting service is simply not matched by any cheap hosting provider in Wigan.

Budget hosting is always offered on a ‘shared server’. This means your business website will sit alongside thousands of other sites with many other account holders sharing the servers resources, hence the name “shared”. The sum of these sites drains the processing power and slows your site down.

Search engines rank slow loading sites lower in the search results.

Our servers are ultra fast and lean. The search engines love them giving you the edge to a high ranking business site.

If another company hosts sites of undesirable nature or spam sites this would certainly have a detrimental effect on your business site.

Security on shared servers is a big issue, you never know what your ‘neighbour’ is up to and the risk of you site being hacked or exploited is a genuine risk.

Support for budget hosting is slow, if you’re only paying a few pounds a month how can you expect a qualified technician to give you full support when you need it? That’s if you can ever get through to someone. Budget hosting companies usually posts faq’s on their website so you have to work out any problems for yourself. If you can’t resolve it there is a slow support ticket system to assist. Can you afford for your business website to be down for days?

Our yearly hosting fee starts at £120+ Vat.

If you are looking for a reliable web host in Wigan then contact us or call 0161 327 2131