Wordpress Maintenance Service

Wordpress Maintenance Service

WordPress website maintenance is important and often overlooked, it keeps your website running smoothly, fixes errors, updates systems to add features and protects from unwanted hackers. Hackers are the main downfall to any open source software, it’s free for anyone to exploit and find vulnerabilities.

You will also want to keep your information and the look and feel of your website up to date to make it more attractive to potential customers. WordPress maintenance is much like looking after a car. It’s crucial that you service your car, put fuel in it, maintain worn parts, tidy it and even add new features, like winter tyres. If you want your car to go faster, then it will need a tuning or a more powerful engine – just like your website!

For those with a website built on the WordPress CMS platform, you’ll notice regular updates to their core CMS system which will keep your website running smoothly and securely. Plugin / theme developers then coincide with the latest release and update / modify their code accordingly.

It really is important that your site is up to date, predominantly for security patches and fixes. If your site is unfortunate enough to get hacked, it could be detrimental for your business resulting in it’s removal from Google SERP and damaging your brand. Keeping your site maintained and in good condition will help to give a better user experience. In a nutshell, updating WordPress keeps your website bug free and adds useful features and functionality including the likes of the latest PHP making your website quicker.

Updating of core CMS and plugins can be done from the WordPress dashboard, but updating themes is often more difficult. Clicking that prominent “Update” button can often break functionality leaving you in panic when your site suddenly breaks and you end up with a 500 error! It’s really important that all elements of WordPress are in sync together (Sadly this is the downfall of open source software) if one part of your website isn’t updated, IT WILL BREAK. We always make a full backup or test on a staging site just in case an update doesn’t play ball, we will fix it there and then, and test!

Services we offer relating to WordPress Maintenance are

  • WordPress Plugin Updates
  • WordPress Core CMS Updates
  • WordPress Theme Updates
  • WordPress Security Updates
  • WordPress SSL Error Fixing
  • WordPress Speed Tweaks and Optimisation
  • WordPress Ongoing Image Optimisation
  • WordPress Link & Error Check
  • WordPress Google Analytics Setup
  • WordPress Google Search Console Setup
  • WordPress CDN Setup

If you’re interested in working with us to get your WordPress website shipshape, contact us today. Basic site maintenance starts at £40+VAT and includes backup, core update and plugin updates. If you’ve had a good nosey around our site you’ll see we’re an open, honest family run business so we’re always happy to help and advise.