Speed Boost your website and rank higher in Google.

Speed Boost your website and rank higher in Google.


We’ve written a number of articles regarding this, but it’s commonly perceived that the SEO market is a scary place and has a reputation for shady deals, false promises and underwhelming results. NW Design decided to offer an alternative to all the doom and gloom, giving our clients a reliable source of Search Engine Optimisation with recorded improvements.

It’s always been a service we offer but never really “Shouted About” unless we were a) asked or b) a referral from a current customer. This was mainly down to the grey area the industry has received over the years. Anyway, for years (check out Slow website speed affects Google Rankings - Feb 2014) we’ve been drumming on about the importance of fast loading websites, not only from a UX point of view but also from a search engine point of view, particularly the mighty Google.

Recently we’ve had an influx of new customers hosting their websites with us, and we noticed that many of the sites were not correctly optimised, the worst offender had a rendered homepage size of 24mb! I can guarantee that no mobile user will appreciate that eating up all their data, nor will your host and bandwidth usage.

Google have been pushing for faster websites (This is one of the reasons we developed our lighting fast web framework Firefly) and it’s been one of their ranking factors for some time, they even built a website for you to specifically test your site, that’s how much they’re pushing this.

All this talk about speed prompted us to offer a speed-focused deal.

Some of the key things we focus on are:

  • Making various changes to the configuration of the hosting account, tuning it to the requirements of your website, PHP 7+ has made a huge difference to website speed performance.
  • Implementing side-wide compression and caching.
  • Using an external service we have an annual subscription to, allows us to compress/re-size all the images on your website.
  • compiling all CSS and javascript files on your website into a smaller number of files, to therefore reduce the number of requests made when loading the page.

The above are just a few areas we’ll take a look at and of course we also provide before and after results, so you can verify the improvements of what we’re doing.

Our Speed Boost compresses all the files and images into sizes that Google finds acceptable, and removes any that are just taking up space for no reason. We’ve had results that halve your load times, and help to improve your Google rankings.