NW Design finish top of their class

NW Design finish top of their class


With 3 rounds to go in the Heart of England Rally Championship NW Design finish top of their class and seal the deal with maximum points in Class A of the rally championship. (Just missing the bottles of champagne but we didn't want to tempt fait!) This now means that the team can now sit back without needing to worry about the remaining rounds and can concentrate on preparing the car for next season where they are looking for sponsorship contributions to further themselves. Hopefully the team have also won the award for most publicised rally team in the championship and it's with thanks to Michael Davies of Rally Stage Media Reporting.

What events are next for NW Design?

Dayle is next out on the 7th of September at Newbrighton Promenade stages in a 2 litre Talbot Sunbeam and the team are hoping for a good result. This isn't part of any championship he is entered in but a great local event for spectators.