What is RedPrism CMS?
Jun 2016 10

What is RedPrism CMS?

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Authored by: Dayle Traynor

RedPrism CMS is a new bespoke website template built with the user in mind. Our website management tools make changing anything on your website simple – whether it’s switching up your front page to show off your newest products, or running your own blog, or managing your online store. We also strive to make our tools as accessible as possible, and so our management toolset is fully responsive, meaning you can alter anything on your sites on your computer, your tablet, or even on your phone, with the same high-quality user experience.

RedPrism CMS is also fully modular, with various different add-ons for whatever purpose your website. We start with a very simple frame which provides basic core functionality, and build upon it to create the perfect site for you. This “ground up” approach also ensures that RedPrism CMS is fast, and unlike WordPress or other out the box solutions you no longer need to worry about unnecessary PHP calls slowing down your site.

If you require a fully bespoke & responsive website that is 100% hand crafted (no $12 templates here) and lightening fast then call us on 0161 327 2131 .