What is Google Shopping?

What is Google Shopping?


Google Shopping is a paid advertising service associated with Google Adwords that allows users to compare products between online retailers. In previous years, it was formally known as Google Product Search, Google Products & Froogle. Ironically froogle.com still exists but redirects to Google Shopping. This shopping service was initially marketed as free and allowed on-line retailers to list products free of charge and made revenue from Adwords-based adverts placed at the side of the SERP page. This changed when the entire product was re-branded in 2012 and became what is now Google Shopping, the paid service we now know and love!

How does Google Shopping work?

Unlike traditional Adwords which uses conventional keyword bidding, Google Shopping is managed using product and category level bidding. Product bidding is controlled through your Adwords login while your product data feeds and imported and monitored by Google Merchant Centre.

How much does it cost to get my products displayed in Google Shopping?

The Google Shopping platform works on a traditional CPC (cost per click) model. However, it's important to know that there is currently no minimum CPC rate in place. Google determines its ranking factor based on bids, meaning that if you place a higher bid, you will potentially rank higher than a competitor and have a greater impression share.

How do you get started with Google Shopping?

Placing your products on Google Shopping is relatively easy, just follow these 4 steps. 1. Set up an account with Google’s Merchant Centre 2. Submit a valid product feed to Google 3. Set up a Google Adwords Account and attribute a budget 4. Set up your campaign and budget in Google Merchant Centre It is important to note that your products will only appear on Google Shopping if you have a valid budget or payment connected to your Adwords account.

What are free & paid clicks in Google Shopping?

The links at the top and right-hand side of Google searches are paid for using your Adwords budget because they are considered as ads. However, the products within the Google Shopping tab itself are free (but it is important not to forget that you still need a budget within your Adwords account for these products to appear). Paid-Google-Clicks   free-shopping-clicks This means it's critical to get the correct balance of enough budget for your products to appear yet not too much to deplete your spend! If you currently sell on-line and require assistance or advice with Google Adwords PPC, Landing Pages or Google shopping please call us on 0161 327 2131.