Transforming Fantastic Cakes into Cake Deluxe

Transforming Fantastic Cakes into Cake Deluxe


We recently had the pleasure of working on an exciting project for a new client, Cake Deluxe (formerly known as Fantastic Cakes). The project presented a unique challenge as we were asked to make updates to an existing WordPress website that had seen numerous developers over the years and was severely out of date. Despite the complexities and the often less-than-cost-effective nature of picking up someone else’s work, we embraced the task with enthusiasm.

Rebranding: From Fantastic Cakes to Cake Deluxe

Our journey began with a comprehensive rebranding process. The client had been considering a shift from Fantastic Cakes to Cake Deluxe, and we were thrilled to help bring this new vision to life. We started with brainstorming sessions that produced several brand concepts. After refining these ideas through a couple of iterations, we landed on a brand identity that perfectly captured the essence of Cake Deluxe. We provided the client with a variety of styles, including Illustrator files and SVGs, ensuring they had versatile assets for all their branding needs.

Designing the New Website

Once the new brand was established, our next step was to design the website. Utilising Adobe XD, our preferred tool for web visual design, we created detailed wireframes that showcased the site’s new look and functionality. Adobe XD allowed us to present a comprehensive visual representation of the site to the client before any development work began, ensuring that all stakeholders were aligned and satisfied with the direction.

Building a Dynamic, Modern Website

With the design approved, we proceeded to develop the new Cake Deluxe website on WordPress, running PHP 8.3. For building custom post types and dynamic fields, we employed a combination of Elementor and Crocoblock. This powerful duo enabled us to create a scalable, dynamic site that is both functional and cost-effective. The new site structure allows Cake Deluxe to manage their content with ease and ensures a seamless user experience.

Enhancing Analytics and Compliance

To round out the project, we set up a Google Tag Manager account with conversion tracking via GA4 and implemented Google Consent Mode v2. This setup ensures that Cakes Deluxe can effectively track their website performance while maintaining compliance with data privacy regulations.

Visit the New Cake Deluxe Website

We’re incredibly proud of the transformation from Fantastic Cakes to Cake Deluxe. The new website not only reflects the updated brand identity but also provides a robust, user-friendly platform for the client to showcase their delightful creations.

Check out the new Cake Deluxe Leicestershire website.