Social Media Cheat Sheet 2014

Social Media Cheat Sheet 2014


So with more businesses using social media as a form of business to business or brand awareness we thought it would great to help you get imaginative and create a 2014 social media cheat sheet. I'm sure all you tweeps received the email from Twitter last week with regards to their new design in 2014?

We'd seen a couple of profiles we follow had been picked to upgrade early and here at NW Design we must say what a great improvement. We're a great fan of how the new Twitter layout looks and it's so much more visual and attractive, although a little like Facebook? The new twitter is certainly beneficial to us creative types, in the past the news feed was clogged with just text and you know what they say... a picture speaks a thousand words.

Why not attach an image to your tweet today or write a short tweet in the image and see how many re-tweets, favourites you'll get. Don't forget to use a high-res image to gain more re-tweets and favourites. If you haven't already upgraded your profile then you can do so here Click here to switch to the new Twitter once changed you can use our cheat sheet to create a striking Twitter profile and maybe freshen up others?

All the sizes are there to help you so no more guesswork. Please share your profiles with us over on Twitter, we'll follow you back :). Also Facebook is on the new-look bandwagon although not every page and profile has been updated yet and they appear to be ironing out a few.. bugs shall we say. Please feel free to share our 2014 social media cheat sheet and if you require any specialist help on creating a striking looking social media page our costs are extremely reasonable. drop us a line.

Social Media Cheat Sheet 2014

2014 Social Media Sizing Cheat Sheet - includes; - Facebook : cover photo, profile photo, shared image, shared link image, app size, highlighted post. - You Tube : profile picture, channel art sizes, HD and Full HD video image sizes. - Twitter: background, profile photo, shared image, cover photo sizes. - Pinterest : pinned image, profile photo sizes. - Instagram : shared image size. - Google Plus : cover photo, profile photo, shared image sizes.