SME Magazine Advert Design & Marketing 2016

SME Magazine Advert Design & Marketing 2016


Why not start 2016 with a bang and let us help you get noticed with magazine advertising ad creation. Pictured above is a recent full-page advertisement designed for Westhoughton-based Restaurant & Food Hall, Provenance. The advert has been published in Lancashire & Northwest Magazine, January 2016 and distributed to 28,000 readers.

Why choose magazine advertising?

An advantage of magazines advertising, especially monthly publications, is that they have a much longer shelf life than newspapers; they are often browsed through for months after release and usualy found in Hairdressers and the likes. In theory, your advert may have an audience for up to six months after its initial insertion. Moreover, readers spend more time per sitting with a magazine than they do a newspaper, so there's more chance they will view your ad. No matter what kind of publication you're buying advertising space in, be sure to ask the following questions before you purchase any ad space:

  • What's the magazine's circulation?
  • What is the demographics of the readers?
  • How often is the magazine published?
  • How is it distributed?
  • What are the special sections or themes planned for the year?

Take note that you do have the opportunity with all magazines to save yourself money on each ad if you agree to run an ad in more than one issue. In fact, before you spend your hard-earned money on space in any magazine, it's always a good idea to see which businesses that are targeting the same audience as you are advertising in each magazine on a consistent basis. It's always good to research your competition and if they are regulars in a particular magazine, it's often a good sign that they are getting results. Remember, if the ads weren't working, your competition wouldn't be in there issue after issue. Once you've researched the publications you'd like more information on, contact an ad representative and request a media kit. These often contain sample copies of previous publications, detailed info about editorial content, a comprehensive breakdown of readers' demographics, the publication's ad rates (always barter), and an audited circulation statement from the publisher. Once you've got all this information to hand, you can start to judge the cost-effectiveness of advertising in a publication by determining the relationship between its circulation and the ad rates. This ratio is called your CPM, or cost per thousand. For example, if the circulation is 28,000 and the rate for a full-page ad is £900, divide £900 by 28. You'd see that advertising in this publication would cost £32 to reach each thousand of its readers. Once you've calculated each publication's CPM, go and inquire about what deals you can work out with the ad rep from each magazine publication. Often, you can negotiate for special positioning in the publication; inside the front cover, on the back cover, or within the first few pages of the magazine are prime locations for ads. Publications will often charge a premium often around 10 to 20 percent of the ad's cost for prime positioning. You'll occasionally find the same businesses book these spaces on 6-12month slots, but if you're good at negotiating, you can sometimes get it for no additional charge. Always ask the rep for your ad to be placed in the first third of the magazine publication (where readers are apt to read more closely) on a right-hand page, which is not considered special positioning. You'll find that you can negotiate with the ad rep on a frequency discount. If you decide to run your ad three times, six times or 12 times instead of just once, you'll get a reduced rate for each insertion. Publications have standard frequency discounts on the rate card the ad rep gives you but again, take these with a pinch of salt... I've seen these prices reduced from £1000 to £500! It depends on how many adverts the magazine already has, whether the rep has hit his/her targets and if the rep wants your business. The majority of larger magazines also offer to place ads on their website, sometimes at a very reasonable rate or even for free if you're advertising in their printed issues, this is something else to mention to the rep. We'll always put your web address, or URL, on every print ad, no matter where it runs and put a link on your online ad that takes people directly to your site for all important link juice (see SEO).

Let NW Design create your Magazine Adverts in 2016 and help increase your ROI.

No matter what magazine you decide to advertise in, your message will need to be robust and eye-catching. Like any form of visual advertising, you only have three seconds to grab the readers' attention and pull them in to read the rest of the ad. If we can help you with Magazine artwork design with optional Photography and Magazine ad creation in 2016, then please don't hesitate to contact us to discuss your requirements. Call the team on 0161 327 2131 and we'd only be more than happy to help and advise.