Responsive Website Design

Responsive Website Design


Over the last past years, responsive web design has been gaining popularity and is now considered to be one of the best ways to design websites that look great on any device, from smartphones to smart TVs. So, what is responsive website design? A better question to ask might be, what problem does responsive website design solve? Well, as you may have noticed, computers aren’t the only piece of hardware with a web browser anymore. Nearly every phone and tablet has the facility to view websites nowadays. In an ideal world our customers will all be sat at their desk drinking coffee when they stumble across our sites but this is no longer true. With people being busier than ever & the staggering growth in mobile usage now means that you can no longer assume your website will be viewed on a desktop browser. In fact, in a year's time, a greater percentage of visits to your site will be made via mobile than a desktop computer - making responsive web design an absolute must. Have you ever tried to access a website on a mobile or tablet device and been frustrated by broken or unloadable content? This is how your customers will experience your brand without responsive website design or at least a site that fits the browser!

Dante Fire & Security Responsive Website Design

Living in a technological world means that businesses need to keep on top of the game in a fast changing environment. Dante Fire & Security required a website that not only gave the professional feel of the services they offer but a site that looked modern and up to date with current times. A responsive website was created making the new Dante site accessible by all possible clients and included our range of SEO techniques from the start. The sites CMS also allows them to update the website with current news about the business. The site contains a wide range of information about the company and PDF datasheets that we too created. You can visit Dante fire here for more information please don’t hesitate to contact us on 0161 327 2131. We believe in offering realistic prices when it comes to Graphic Design & Website Design.