Printed Newsletter Design...

Printed Newsletter Design...


If you have products to sell or need to communicate on a regular basis with your customers or clients, a well designed newsletter can be an effective means to display your range of services. At NW Design, we love to take data driven excel spreadsheets or badly drawn up word or publisher files and transform them into attractive pieces of design - that make the content compelling, relevant and clear. We can help with establishing the right content and style for your message and this is often a wonderful way to keep your name in front of customers or prospects.

Why Printed Newsletters over Email?

Since it’s so easy to ignore e-mail newsletters, money invested into printed newsletters stand out as the more successful of the two in terms of response rate. A good direct-mail newsletter might generate a 3 percent to 5 percent response rate; while a good e-mail newsletter might only get one-half of a percent. Printed newsletters simply have more influence. Plus they’re portable, meaning they’re likely to be read at a later date. Newsletters are one of the most powerful ways to build lasting relationships with your customers. If you’re looking for a high quality bespoke designed newsletter that won’t be binned without being read please contact us to discuss your requirements. 0161 3272131