Print Proofs and Why we use them.

Print Proofs and Why we use them.


A general term for a variety of options for seeing what your file will look like when printed is a called a proof.

Think of it as evidence (proof) that what you put into your digital file will all come out on the printed page exactly as you intend: the right fonts, graphics, colours, margins, and overall positioning.

We've recently started working with a couple of new client's that have had Graphic Design work produced by other creative agencies which to be fair have been sub standard for the prices they've been charged. One client showed us a recent brochure they had designed which had low res images placed in the brochure. These may have viewed fine on the computer but once sent to the press they were printed pixelated and blurred.

This is not a look any business should be striving for! What could have been a nice quality looking brochure was spoiled by lack of attention to detail on the designers part, with a mix match of sharp and pixelated images. Printing proofs are used for checking that all text, graphics and colours come out as expected before going to press.

At NW Design we like to supply proofs so that the client can see an example of the printed article on the correct stock paper, texture and feel as this all plays a part to the final package. Also we print proofs so that we know what we've designed will look exactly as we wanted it too before it goes to mass print, it's covering our own back "just in case".

Sadly even in 2015 things can move around when we save to PDF from Adobe Illustrator or IN Design. This again is something we recently witnessed when a client showed us a brochure another design agency had created. The back page had 3 addresses in the footer, the third one stuck out like a sore thumb as it was 5px higher than the other two addresses. Again a proof would have highlighted these issue and the file could have been corrected before 10,000 brochures were sent to print.

Why choose NW Design for your Graphic Design work? Well we're a family run business passionate about what we do and the clients we support. We wanted to be different to other design agencies by offering an above and beyond approach and that personal touch which appears to be lacking in our industry.

Our current clients will happily tell you that nothing is too much for us and we pride ourselves on keeping them happy. Not only that but we've over 34 years experience in design for print. We know what works, we know what prints and we know what doesn't! Don't pay twice, pay once and have it done correctly the first time.

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