Perfect Bound Brochures - The crème de la crème of brochures.

Perfect Bound Brochures - The crème de la crème of brochures.


What better way to stand out in a crowd than with a one of our perfect bound brochures...

Perfect bound brochures are used for thicker brochures or when you really want to make a great first impression. Perfect bound brochures are produced by stacking multiple printed signatures, or sections, on top of one another.

The sections are then collated together and the edges of the spine are then ground off (or notched). Glue is then applied to the spine and allowed to run into all the notches before the cover is drawn on and clamped around the glued area of the spine. The glue is allowed to dry over a period of time before the book is trimmed on three edges to produce a very neat finished job.

Due to the binding process perfect bound brochures are suitable when a large number of pages are required since the brochures can be produced to almost any thickness, in some cases even greater than 60mm. The cover of perfect bound brochure is usually printed on a much thicker material to the inside pages, and has a spine that can be used to print the title of the publication or any other information.

The Liverpool School of English required a high quality brochure for 2015 and adding a perfect bound finish to their new brochure certainly did that. It adds an elegant finish that screams quality and something any business would be proud to hand out to potential customers or clients.

Yes the cost is more than a traditional stapled brochure but if your business requires the crème de la crème of brochures then perfect bound is that finishing touch you need! Interested? Then why not drop us a line on 0161 327 2131 or email us to discuss your requirements. We're always happy to help and advise and don't forget that all our advice is free.