Paving the Way to Excellence - Imprinted Concrete Brochure Design

Paving the Way to Excellence - Imprinted Concrete Brochure Design


In the heart of Manchester, where craftsmanship meets innovation, Classic Driveways has been leaving an indelible mark as the city's premier patterned imprinted concrete specialists for an impressive 23 years. Their commitment to excellence recently manifested in a visually captivating A5 landscape brochure.

The brochure, printed on sumptuous 350gsm silk paper, exudes opulence at every glance. A sleek matte laminate coating on both sides adds not just a touch but a whole layer of premium sophistication. Our team seamlessly brought the vision of Classic Driveways to life, ensuring that each detail resonated with the essence of the brand.

The design itself is a testament to Classic Driveways' dedication to perfection. Infused with their signature colours, the brochure becomes more than a promotional material; it becomes a piece of art that echoes the brand's identity. Every page tells a story of craftsmanship, passion, and a relentless pursuit of perfection in the field of patterned imprinted concrete.

In a nod to modernity, we ingeniously incorporated a QR code within the brochure, creating a bridge between the tangible and digital worlds. This QR code seamlessly links to more details about Classic Driveways' exceptional services, enhancing the overall user experience and making the brochure a dynamic marketing tool.

The collaboration between us and Classic Driveways doesn't end with the stunning brochure. Phase two of this creative journey involves harnessing our Google Ads partner status. The integration of Google Tag Manager on Classic Driveways' website, complete with conversion tracking, paves the way for an upcoming Google ads campaign that promises to elevate their online presence.

In the realm of patterned imprinted concrete in Manchester, Classic Driveways continues to set the standard for excellence. The A5 landscape brochure is more than a promotional piece; it captures the spirit and dedication of Manchester's concrete masters.

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