Online Reviews | Digital Word-Of-Mouth

Online Reviews | Digital Word-Of-Mouth


As more of us start to spend more and more time online we’ve realised that reviews are an important part of life, this goes for both businesses and consumers. How often have we checked a companies reviews before booking a hotel, purchasing online or booking a table at a restaurant? The ability to find out what other customers think has never so easy, how does your business handle reviews?

  • Displaying customer reviews on your website can.
  • Help to increase sales and conversion.
  • Builds confidence in your brand.
  • Improve traffic from search engines.
  • Aids with PPC (Pay Per Click) advertising.

How do I get Reviews?

There’s many different ways to collect reviews for your business, Google local is a great way to collect reviews for local businesses, Tripadvisor provides a review platform for travel and restaurants but if you’re looking for something a little different and recognised by Google and Google ads we’ve a solution for you.

Last year, as a business we started to use Reviews as our review platform of choice, having implemented this service for a number of customers we fell in love with it’s ease of use, affordability, UK based support and available features. Due to all these positive features we also decided to become a Partnered Agency, that’s how much we love their product.

Over the years, we’ve had experience of other review platforms like Trustpilot and TrustedReviews but like for like and this is our opinion Reviews trump them.

How does it work?

There’s various ways in which the platform can be setup, but when a customer makes a purchase or booking on your website they will be automatically be sent a review invite to review your business then, a second review can be scheduled to review the product itself. Not only that but customers can also post review pictures that can be displayed on your website using their intuitive API. The benefits, when a review is left this can be displayed on the Reviews website, your website, your email signature can auto update the number of reviews you've received and if you run Google Ads, the reviews can be displayed in there.

What if I’m a service based business?

Not a problem, you’ll be in the same category as ourselves, all you do once a job is completed is ask the customer if you can send them a review invite by your review partner, it’s really simple.

Customer testimonials?

12 Months ago we integrated with one of our customers Ecommerce stores as they wanted a platform to start collecting reviews, customers then purchase an item and then recieve an email to review a) the company and b) the product they purchased.


If reviews are important to you and your business and you’d like to build your brand online them please get in touch. Review platforms help to build trust for customers, improving the performance of your website and increasing your search engine visibility.