MTM Presentations CMS Website

MTM Presentations CMS Website


Recently we were asked to re-build a website that was built by someone else using Adobe Muse. The customer required a  responsiv­e website, that was easy to edit and fast. It was the perfect project for our scalable PHP Framework "Firefly" we've been developing over the past 18 months.

Firefly was developed with a number of things in mind, security, future proofing and to be lightning fast with no bloat. We got tired of using open source software like Wordpress, the vulnerabilities and file structure makes it very difficult to update and expand as a business grows. Themes and plugins are clunky and often littered with bloatware and we can now offer a more bespoke solution to customers. Another bonus is our Firefly CMS framework often see's website page load times of sub 500ms which is pretty impressive if we do say so ourselves.

The new site built for MTM Presentations required a number of features, editable pages, categories, acts, celebrities and custom built contact forms all editable from within the admin area. The main reason for the re-build was the original site didn't have product landing pages due to the vast number of acts available and it was time-consuming to add them. The new site built for MTM Presentations using "Firefly" made it very easy for us to populate a database from a text file and these crucial act landing pages went hand in hand with a Google Adwords campaign that we had running converting more enquiries with bespoke contact forms tailored around each act.

The end result is another lightening fast CMS site that's scalable with full conversion tracking.

If you require custom web development, please don't hesitate to contact us.