More Than Just Design

More Than Just Design


Over the years websites have evolved into the beasts they are now, the use of tables are long gone and in 2017 businesses require more than just a "web presence". Small and basic sites are still fine but for those requiring more this is where a Web Designer just doesn't cut it anymore.

It comes as a surprise to us the number of businesses in the industry that are unable set up Google Analytics to track the basic of conversions or Implement Google Tags with Google Adwords.
Without these set up by your web designer, how do you actually know what ROI you are getting from your website or what people are actually looking at?
We were recently contracted on a consultancy basis for a company whose website went live 4 months ago and received no enquiries. We started off by correctly setting up Google Analytics and Tags to see how users were navigating the site and monitor what they were clicking on.

Straight away It was apparent the website was not at all user friendly, the category pages were difficult to navigate resulting in high bounce rates, products were duplicated throughout the site in multiple categories and the Adwords Campaigns were pointing to category pages as each showcase product didn't have its own specific landing page.
We suggested a whole tidy up of the category navigation and also an overhaul of the Adwords campaign by stripping it right back to the basics. We sat down with our client and asked them to pick the 3 most important products they wanted enquiries for. We set out to create relevant landing pages with purpose built enquiry forms with call to action buttons. Not only did this massively increase the Adwords Relevancy score thus will reduce CPC it resulted in 2 goal completion enquiries in just 24 hours of going live. Don't forget that this site had been live for 4 months with no enquires.

Focus on user experience has become huge over the past couple of years and is often overlooked by a "Web Designer".
If you require help with, Design, Development and UX, then please don't hesitate to contact us.