Lizzie's List...

Lizzie's List...


How good would it be to be able to write your own book or Novel? I personally wouldn't know where to start nor would I have the time...

Well Wigan based author Diane Melling did just that and with our help Lizzie's list is becoming a huge hit.

"Lizzie Parker has spent most of her 29 years living within her comfort zone, so she doesn’t want to enter her 30s without having conquered a few personal challenges and achieved some of her goals. Lizzie decides to make herself a special list to complete before she turns 30...."

We created Diane's 4 page website and designed her an eye catching colourful and easy going book cover for her novel.

You can buy Diane's book in paperback copy by emailing her or by pop over to Amazon and buy one for your kindle.

Diane is on twitter too so why not drop her a tweet, i'm sure it would be much appreciated.