Let us create you a brochure for 2015.

Let us create you a brochure for 2015.


Brochures aren't the cheapest commercial printing you could go with. Although people do expect a higher level of quality from brochure design/printing than most other kinds of advertising.

And why shouldn't they? A brochure needs to hold a person’s attention for a lot longer than any other advertising you’re going to create. A postcard only requires a few seconds of the person’s time to deliver its message. The same could be said of a leaflet and poster. A single glance will probably give people everything they need to know.

But brochures take time to fulfil their purpose because a brochure is a lot longer than those other advertisements. If you want someone to take the time out of their day to read what your brochure has to say you had better give them something worth their time.

The image we put on the front of your brochures needs to be appealing and to an extent informative. We need to let your potential customers know right away what the general purpose of the brochure is. We'd rarely put a picture of your building, or some non-descript image on the front of your brochures. All you’ll do is guarantee that no one will care about reading.

Beside the image you need to have your title be prominent and tell people what they’re going to find inside your brochure. This will likely be the main reason why they’ll open your brochure at all.

Inside the brochure we'll organise your information with ease of access in mind. Headline every key point with a title that tells people what the paragraph they’re going to read is all about. Separate your points by boxes, or divide them up with pictures so that each fact is easy to see if someone just casually opens up the brochure and starts skimming.

You should definitely augment your information with images that fit what you’re saying. Your pictures will be the first thing a person looks at, and can do wonders to generate more interest in what the brochure is saying. If you can't provide your own images we have out own photography equipment and access to stock photo libraries should you require it.

In the copy you supply us be sure that you’re primary goal is to establish the sale rather than just tell people about yourself. Make sure that you phrase things in such a way to make the customer the centrepiece. Explain why this information is important to them and how you can help them.

Brochures might be one of the most expensive forms of commercial advertising. But brochures give you the ability to hand someone a lot of information in a slick package like no other kind of advertising can.

Don’t let the costs scare you from using what could potentially be exactly what you need to help promote your company. At NW Design we offer an affordable brochure design service and even offer A5 4 page mini brochure packages that have been popular to local businesses on a tight budget. Why not check out our article on brochures should my company bother with them.

Interested in finding out how we can help you and your business in 2015? Please feel free to contact us on 0161 327 2131, we're always more than happy to help and have over 30 years design for print experience.