Google+ Authorship Part 1

Google+ Authorship Part 1


With Google now dominating the internet the word SEO is ever more frequently used. I’m a firm believer that any company that “promises” number one spot in Google should be avoided. There are ,however, a few things that we can do to aid SEO and I feel that during 2013 we are going to really need to use Google+ and Pages to benefit our web presence.

Importance of Google+ Post Authorship in 2013

Post authorship is going to be a important SEO action during 2013 especially with the new Google Penguin 2.0 algorithm is launched in the coming weeks. Google is now frowning upon guest blog posts and actually wants to know who YOU are. In reality the more quality content “YOU” write, the better impact you will have on a sites relevance. Guest posts have even started to penalise some sites in search engine rankings. Google+ Authorship in your website's ranking is going to prove more significant than ever. In addition to being an SEO tactic, it also acts as a conversion tactic. It’s been estimated that Search Engine Results Page with Google+ authorship enabled will receive around 110% more clicks. So if you’re not already on Google+ then get over there, sign up and embed it into your site.