Four Reasons Brand Consistency is so Important

Four Reasons Brand Consistency is so Important


We can't say it enough but customers want to buy from brands that they recognise. Interacting with customers through a consistent brand voice and aesthetic is a major step towards letting consumers get to know you as an organisation. When they get to know you they'll identify with you and your purpose. And when customers feel like they know you and can trust you, they will be more likely to purchase from you. It's these simple rules that we've used when working with Bill Beaumont Textiles, Midi Photography, MHA Lighting, Wigan & Leigh Hospice and every other business we've worked with. We help to develop a brand its style then stick with it.


You want your business to be the first thing that customers think about when they need a product or service in your industry. That goal will be hard to achieve if you don’t have a tight, consistent brand identity. For example, if you continually change your colours or logo, it will be difficult for people to remember your business when faced with several different choices. You need to pick colours and a logo that set you apart from your competition and makes you easy to remember. 


A consistent brand identity makes your business seem more legitimate. It’s no wonder that multinational brands like Shell and McDonald’s have very defined logos and colours. These brand identities have become so well-known that people can identify the company if they’re only shown the logo. Try to emulate this with your company. Make sure your logo, colours, font, and layout are consistent across all branded materials. 

Overall Impression

In order to know how your customers will perceive your business, you need to know how people normally interact with brands in the first place.  Paul Adams (Ex Brand Designer at Facebook), wrote an interesting piece stating that people build brand relationships through many, lightweight interactions over time. Because of this, it’s crucial that your brand identity remains consistent. That way, every time a potential customer comes into contact with your brand, he/she sees the same brand identity and makes connections with your business. 

Customer Clarity

In the same vein as the previous section, your brand identity needs to remain consistent so that everyone has the same idea of your business. For example, if the logos and colours on your shop signs are different from those on your leaflets, you might be losing business without even knowing it. A customer’s purchase decision is a very fragile process, and you should do as much as you can to make it an easy decision. 

Need help with Brand Consistency?

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