Why Design Quality Matters

Why Design Quality Matters


Firstly- We all had to start somewhere; not everyone has an infinite amount of money in the bank and most of the time it’s where do we draw the line between budget and premium quality. Most people we meet have had those cheap business cards that look and feel like they've been printed on the back of a cereal packet, in simple terms they’re downright horrid. What’s worse is when they say printed for free on the back. That to me is a right turn off, and straight away it doesn't say much about one’s business, first impressions do matter.

The design quality (look & Feel) straight away speaks out about you and your business and instantly signifies the quality of your products or services. In theory, it shouldn't but in reality, it does…. Who’s had those leaflets posted through their door from the local tradesman? Printed on budget paper using a home printer with low ink and cut with a blunt Stanley knife blade? Who do you know who phoned that roofer that would charge £1000’s to re-tile your roof and they’ve spend less than £5 on marketing material and placed a mobile phone number at the bottom saying call bob? Personally, I don’t know anyone who’s taken notice to any leaflet like that which gets posted through the door. Bobs unprofessional looking leaflet instantly signifies a unprofessional service/business/product being promoted by the leaflet. Sadly Bob who’s been a roofer for 35 years and is probably very good at what he does but his marketing literature lets him and his business down which probably means that his leaflets get thrown in the bin.

We often throw leaflets like that in the bin because we just instinctively know through the low quality design and materials used that it’s not likely to be a professional and trustworthy/reputable service/product we are likely to use. Another scenario of dodgy design we see on a daily basis are those takeaway services with those big old stock photos of Kebabs and Burgers! We see lots of business owners these days trying to get their leaflets designed by the cheapest printers, (Artwork at these places is generally free and you really can see why) it’s word art all over again!

Also our job as graphic designers is easy, “all you do is sit at a computer all day” (a number of times we’ve heard that one), or “I can download publisher and design it myself”. That’s all well and good until the printer mentions, Trim, Margin and Bleed and we’ve got that straight face blank expression all over again. To sum things up nicely by thinking that you’re saving a few quid on design costs you’ll be getting a poorly designed leaflet which in the long term is not going to generate as much interest as a well-designed leaflet. In this respect - you should view any design cost involved in getting a professionally designed leaflet as an investment for your business. Paying out for quality design shouldn’t be looked at as a cost because a well designed leaflet will get you more interest and business in the long term and last but not least it makes you look that little bit more professional.

 Have we grabbed your attention?

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