Brochures... Should Your Company Bother With Them?

Brochures... Should Your Company Bother With Them?


A brochure, especially if it is in full colour, is an excellent way to show off your company and its services and products. It makes for excellent bragging rights too if you have a great looking brochure and at NW Design this is something we're passionate about. There are actually two popular sizes of brochures 11.69 inches x 8.27 inches and 11.69 inches x 16.54 inches. We can however design and print DL tri fold leaflets that are popular for businesses on a budget. Choosing the size of your brochure is dependent on what you are going to use it for. Think about for some moments: - Do you need your brochure to fit into a card rack? - Do you need the brochure to act like a self-mailing envelope? - Will the brochure be folded and used in presentations?

Brochure printing quality & quantity.

When we send your brochure to print, there are only two things you need to decide on: the quality and quantity. We can provide you sample printing jobs so you can gauge what type of finished look you are trying to achieve. We offer various paper weights and finishes including mat lamination and spot UV finishes just to name a few. The rule of thumb in printing brochures is to choose the best quality printing for your budget. Our standard brochures are typically printed on glossy 120gsm internal pages with a 300gsm cover.

How many brochures should I print?

Once you've picked the quality and finish of your brochure, you need to decide how many copies you want to print. There's only one question you need to ask and that is, What are you printing the brochure for? Are you going to mail them to people? Are you going to hand it out at tradeshows and events? Or are you going to use it for face-to-face contact? If your brochure contains product information or price that is going to change next year, then order the amount that will last you the time period - do not order more. But if your brochure does not contain time-bound information and we often recommend that it doesn't if possible, then order as many copies as your money allows. There is wisdom in doing this: the more copies you order, the cheaper the cost of printing. There is not much difference in the total cost of printing 10,000 copies and printing 12,500 copies. But if you divide the total cost by the total number of copies, the per piece cost of printing 12,500 copies would be much cheaper. Once the brochures are designed and printed, we will have then delivered to you safe, sound, and dry. We're more than happy to deliver your brochures to you at your primary location. Interested? We're a friendly bunch so please give us a call and we'll hopefully be of help to you. 0161 327 2131  You can also check out our full brochure design gallery or our mini brochures perfect for businesses on a budget.