Benefits of Google Plus Business Page

Benefits of Google Plus Business Page


Social media not long ago had two dominant players Facebook and Twitter then along came Google Plus and changed the dynamics of social media as we know it. It's arguably one of the most versatile entrants on the market in terms of product diversification and growth figures. Over the past year Google Plus has grown to become the second largest social media networks on the planet with five hundred and forty million monthly users! More than three hundred million of these users actively engage in its stream. Business owners should not ignore these mind-boggling statistics because Google Plus presents a huge opportunity for them to expand their businesses and increase their profits. Here is how they can do this.

Improve Your Page Ranking

The little cable or wireless device to access the internet connects us to two and a half billion people around the world who regularly connect to the world wide web (amazing ehh?). Yet businesses still seem sceptical to take advantage of this huge market to expand their business reach both locally and globally. Google Plus can help you do this by aiding in the growth of page rank or domain authority if you use MOZ. Increase in page rank in a very and I quote "crude way" allows more people to find your business website than ever before. This becomes possible because search engines or Google (who uses anything else seriously?) treat your page as a regular website when they crawl through the internet. They'd see that another site somewhere in the world links back to your website and this would cause them to give you a higher ranking because your website is more reputable when other websites link back to it. A link generally means someone found something interesting on your site which is why Google are cracking down on spam website directory's.

Enhanced Functionality

Most social media network websites are only good at a single thing but Google Plus have hit the nail on the head giving its users more diversity. It allows you as the user to perform tasks that you would normally perform on Facebook and Twitter in addition to unique tasks you could only perform on Google Plus. These unique tasks include using Google Maps to locate a company or potential new client through Google Maps. You're now able to find the address, contact number, opening hours and directions to businesses through Google Plus. You can now also talk with your clients or send them text messages through Google Hangouts. These are all unique functions that are widely unavailable on other social networks.

Engage With Your Clients Personally

We are spending more and more time on social media chatting with with friends, family and colleagues. Google Plus can be used to reach these people as we go about our daily activities. You can do this by sharing relevant content, sharing content that your community posts and commenting on posts that other people share. Doing so would increase your visibility on Google Plus as well as increase your popularity. It would lead to a personal level of engagement with your clients that is unimaginable when it comes to other social media platforms. Currently Google doesn't restrict post reach either like Facebook where businesses have seen a huge plummet in post engagement. So go on, what are you waiting for? Set up you're Google Plus business profile, It's a little daunting at first but it is by far a better place to be than Facebook and has the added SEO benefits, and why shouldn't it? At the end of the day its Google's own social network platform they're bound to be slightly biased. Here's our Google Plus page so make sure you add us to you're circles