Adwords Landing Pages & Quality Score

Adwords Landing Pages & Quality Score


Over the years Google Adwords (PPC Marketing) has become ever more popular and a necessity for many businesses, particularly those that sell online. But companies often forget the importance and benefit of creating the ideal "landing page experience" for those visiting the site. If the searcher isn't engaged, the dreaded high bounce rate which can be viewed in Google Analytics becomes inevitable. At NW Design we work closely with our PPC clients and help to improve their landing pages, making sure that when potential customers hit the site, they stay there. If you can imagine the person searching for your product/brand/service as a dog follows a scent. Once the dog loses that scent they begin to retrace their steps and start again. In this metaphor, if they don't find your product, they will start to look elsewhere. The web user is following a scent, a solution to a problem or a product so when they hit your landing page the scent will continue or come to a sudden end causing the searcher to go back and look elsewhere. When we customise landing pages, we do so for each Adwords, Adgroup and follow a few simple yet highly important rules.

  • It's important that your focused keywords that have been targeted are visible within the landing pages H1 & H2 tags.
  • We embed a form or signup to help generate more conversions, this is important if the site you are promoting through PPC doesn't sell online. By using a contact form on the page it becomes much easier to gain customer information and increase ROI.
  • We highlight the benefits which the customer will gain through using your product and or service.
  • Engaging content is vital and more and more people are beginning to use video or a show reel of your products

Adwords Landing Pages Higher Quality Score Reduces CPC

Your Adwords landing pages will be successful if the user finds enough to do while they're on your site. If they spend too long looking for the aforementioned "scent" then sadly they will leave and go elsewhere. Google clearly states in their guidelines for writing ads that "every aspect of your landing page must provide relevant information that informs your customers about what you're selling" by ensuring this we can increase your ads quality score. Those of us experience and involved in Adwords management know that quality score is the Holy Grail.

A well tailored landing page will help to improve your score thus improving your spend, as we all know a higher score reduces CPC (Cost Per Click) and increases Ad Rank. To summarise, make sure your Adwords landing page feature terms surrounding the product or service that searches were looking for in the first place. Remember, don't forget the scent, nor let your users loose it. For more information on how we can help your Wigan based business with on-line marketing including Adwords (PPC) and lowering your quality score then please contact us. 

We are Google Adwords and Analytics Experts accredited as an official partner of Google.