Now a series of A5 mini brochures

Now a series of A5 mini brochures


MHA Lighting is an award-winning LED lighting specialists and cover many different industries including lighting for multi-storey car parks to medical sectors. We were asked to design another mini brochure for MHA making a set of 5 so Far and this mini brochure covers LED lighting for manufacturing facilities. These brochures have been proving ever popular for us lately and we believe this is because brochure design is a key component to the marketing of many businesses large and small. Well-designed mini brochures can present a positive image of the firm while providing helpful information about the products or services offered. Another benefit of these small brochures are that they can be area specific which means gone are the days of re-printing 1000’s of brochures because you no longer stocked a product or offered a particular service.

Advantages of our A5 mini landscape brochures.

A landscape brochure is a simple alternative to the traditional portrait option so is perfect for any business looking to stand out without stretching their budget. The wider spread lends themselves perfectly to any company who have lots to show, and not too much to say. For smaller businesses the A5 landscape format has proved to be an excellent choice for the main brochure. The A5 size brochure is cheaper to produce and to post than an A4 brochure, yet the unique A5 landscape format is still effective and eye catching. For larger companies the A5 landscape brochure provides a handy customer guide to any product or service. Send them out to any customer to tell them everything they need to know. MHA’s micro brochures incorporated only four pages and are printed on 300gms paper with a gloss lamination to the outer pages with portrays a high-quality classy finish. To sum things up, a micro brochure is a great way for businesses and charities looking to create some impact while on a tight budget.