40 Page brochure complete!

40 Page brochure complete!


We've recently finished a 40 page brochure for a local company with high hopes.

PCS are a UK based manufacturer of High Performance Insulated Construction Products. They required a brochure that could have otherwise been very boring, but with our design inspiration we've turned thermal construction boards and complex geometrical profiles into something you'd be proud of.

We needed to create something exciting, but how to do that when the product you're trying to market is in none technical terms "cement coated polystyrene"? Images, and its true to say that any good brochure needs great visuals and that's exactly what we set out to do. With direct help from PCS, they generated us some fantastic rendered drawings of Spa's and Wetrooms to incorporate throughout.

These really do showcase the excellent products that PCS manufacture on a daily basis. PCS now have a brochure worthy of the quality of products they manufacture. We designed a 40 page brochure consisting of a 300gsm gloss cover with 170gsm internal pages. Interested in what we do?

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