AdgeSpeed Stages 13-10-2013
Three Sisters Race Circuit

Driver: Mike English
Co-Driver: Dayle Traynor
Car: Escort mk2
Class: D
Finish: 5th O/a 1st in Class

Well what a fantastic day at the Adgespeed Stages 2013. This was the 3rd rally at Three sisters race track this year and the 3rd round of the rally championship which is made of 3 rounds throughout the year at three sisters in Wigan. I had already competed on the Roskirk and Cetus stages earlier but due to unforeseen circumstances for the 3rd round I was unable to navigate for Simon who I had c0-driven for on the previous two events.

I was kindly asked by Mike English of Cetus Solutions who’s also a member of my own Motorclub to sit next to him and navigate him around the stages, Mike has an all singing and dancing awesome machine of a mk2 Escort and it would be a pleasure to sit with him. On a typical wet October morning at three sisters we sailed through scrutineering no problem and were all set for the days 12 stages.

It was a great day although slightly slippy in the morning (Go-kart track and two stroke oil) makes for fun sideways action especially in a 270hp RWD 2.0 mk2 Escort. We set a couple of top three fastest times through the day and even beat the Metro 6R4 of Ian Rowlance on a couple of stages which was fantastic. We didn’t have any issues to report and in the end finished 5th overall and first in Class C which is engines up to 2.0 litres in size. Mike has also offered for me to drive this beauty of a car, where I plan to raise money for the Nystagmus charity which is the eye condition I suffer from. We’re just looking for a suitable venue where I can do this.