JRT Enville Stages 2014 Ty Croes

Dayle Traynor - Peter Walton Fiesta Rally Car

Off to Anglsey we go, we decided to turn it the trip into a family holiday too for a couple of days and hired a house in Trearddur Bay which was lovely.

We couldn’t have asked for better weather, it was like the week before when we competed on the Rally Of the Midlands 2014… HOT!

Sadly it wasn’t to be the day for us today as stage 1 we had a misfire for the first mile and half loosing us time which cleared up and must have been caused by a fouled plug. As the day went on we began to get problems selecting gear and drive which was to end in our retirement from the rally. We had developed quite a major oil leak from either the gearbox or engine which resulted in us having no drive at all from the sequential gearbox. Not to be disheartened as this is a new car for us and hopefully any problems can be ironed out. Until that point we had been sitting 3rd in the 1600 class which wouldn’t have been a bad result.

This was our first event in 16 rallies where we hadn’t finished with a pot and retired…. (no pressure Pete?)…

Incar of SS4