Agbo stages 2014

AGBO Stages Rally 2014

We’re delighted to say that we will be competing on the 2014 AGBO Stages Rally which is to be held within the grounds of the famous Weston Park. On the AGBO Stages 2013 we finished 3rd in class A and gained valuable points towards the Heart of England Rally Championship which we later won our Class. We’ve once again entered the Heart of England Rally Championship and aim to defend our championship class title in 2014.

The AGBO Stages Rally..

Sunday arrived and what a cold wet miserable morning at Weston Park, It wasn’t too bad though as we’d scrutineered the previous day in glorious sunshine and Sunday morning scrutineering on the AGBO is always an early start.

We set out to SS1 with the same tyres we would run all day some Hancook wets and boy did we need them in the morning as it was packed with intermittent downpours of torrential rain and sleet. SS1 was a good stage after many months of rest for the car and Simon drove well although he thought he wasn’t as pushing as hard as he could have done but we set the 17th overall fastest time on the first two stages which was a great achievement compared to some of the cars we were up against.

Overall we had a great day at the AGBO stages rally and finished 24th overall and 1st in the 1400cc class scoring the highest points in class A in the Heart Of England Rally Championship.

AGBO Stages Rally 2014 results